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This protection covers from your existing location to the new destination either transported by land, air or sea. A detailed household inventory is required for transit insurance. You must declare the value as replacement cost at destination.

Insurance Coverage

All risk Marine insurance coverage

The coverage started when the crews starts packing.

This policy also covers 60 days of storage at our warehouse/bonded warehouse at the country of origin and/or destination.

Items that are not listed will not be insured.

Insurance Excludes

Pairs and sets
Electrical & Mechanical Derangement
The functionality of the electrical and electronic items
Mold & mildew
Due to climatic and atmospheric changes
Valuable items
Jewellery, coin and notes collections, gold etc.
Pre-existing damage/denting/scratching/rust of goods recorded during packing

Antique and Fine Art

Antique and Fine art items can be insured through a mutual agreement on the value between the insured and insurer. The value can be based on a purchase invoice or a professional valuer to appraise the antique or fine art.

Storage Extension Requirements

If there is a need to store your goods beyond the 14 days free period at origin and/or destination, we can arrange the extension of the policy at a minimal charge.

Claim Process

In the event of loss or damage, make sure that you write the remarks on the damage and loss item before you sign off the delivery documents or packing list.

You are required to notify us/agent immediately within 7 days of delivery. A full claim process is available with the insurance policy.