Pre move survey

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As the fist step towards providing quality service, we at Subalipack will ensure that we have a clear understanding of your requirements from the beginning.

We highly recommended a visit to your place to view and survey goods to be moved and detail discussion on your moving needs , expectations and your concerns if any.

For expatriate

Who wish to move to Malaysia, you can visit these links for more information:

Issues to Consider

Here are some of the issues need to be discussed during the pre-move survey:
Items to pack
Items that requires extra care
New purchases or things to add
Handyman services
Scheduled packing dates
Scheduled delivery dates
Pre-delivery of packing material
Contact while in transit
Shipment by air and/or sea or by land
Accessibility to the building
Destination custom forms, regulations & Tax / Duty
Custom Paperwork
Your companies moving policy, e.g. weight allowance